Sunday, November 29, 2009

Photo Journal from Marajo

6am boat to Marajo, Allison Moore 2009
Friend in a window, Allison Moore 2009
Building, Allison Moore 2009
Crabs on a String, Allison Moore 2009
Dowtown Sore, Allison Moore 2009

I had an amazing week in Sore, on the Island of Marajo. I took a ferry 3 hours across the Amazon at 6am Monday morning, and spent 6 wonderful days exploring the communities in Sore. Fishing and ranching are the majority of activities for locals. Most of the roads in Sore are dirt, but the 4 main streets downtown are lined with colorful buildings and everyone rides bikes. It is very common to see Buffalo and horses wandering around, and there are also many street dogs. I got a chance to ride a 600 kilo buffalo. They have big horns. These are some photos of the people I met, and the places I saw. These are all my personal photos I took.
Downtown Sore, Allison Moore 2009
11 year old Cowyboy, Allison Moore 2009
Cowboy, Allison Moore 2009
Boys with sticks as guns, Allison Moore 2009
Fishing Boats in Sore, Allison Moore 2009
Crab in Drought, Allison Moore 2009
Eva's Farm, Allison Moore 2009
Madame Eva, Allison Moore 2009
Me riding a Buffalo, Allison Moore 2009
Rinaldo, Sophia and Rinata, Allison Moore 2009
Fish and Smoke, Allison Moore 2009
Jesus te AMA, Allison Moore 2009
Morning at shore house, Allison Moore 2009

Fishing Boats in Sore, Allison Moore 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009


Some new woodcut prints from this week. A cockroach with Amazon motif, and a design inspired from the patterned ceramic tiles I have found in houses in Belem.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Open Market

I love how you can sell anything in the streets here. No matter who you are, what you have, you can stand on a corner and sell it to anyone willing to buy. Or set up your own musical concert if you have a sound system attached to your this guy.

The fish docks

Some photos I took this week at the fish docks in Belem, Brazil.
Fisherman balancing cardboard on his head, Allison Moore 2009
Urubu [vultures], Allison Moore 2009
Fisherman, Allison Moore 2009
Selling Fish, Allison Moore 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dry Point Etchings

irituya (bird boy), Allison Moore 2009 (in progress)

Man with Boat on Head, Allison Moore 2009
Athayde, Allison Moore 2009

I finally started Printing! Here are my first trial proofs with dry point.


I had a wonderful weekend teaching animation workshop as part of the GIRO CULTURAL event organized by IAP. The 3 day event was held at Estacio dad Docas in the old port on the Amazon River. There were so many people! A group of local animators helped with the drawing and I captured and edited over 150 films in the 3 days, with participants aged 5 and up. I was working with artists Andrei Miralha, Fernando Alves, and cartoonist Paulo Emmanual. It was great to interact with the local community, and although my Portuguese was not so good, I was able to have fun trying to communicate with locals. I installed open source software MONKEY JAM to use animating all the films. The live capture program made it easy for people to see the animations instantly. Thank you MONKEY JAM!
Paulo and Andrei drawing
Me and Fernado with my hand drawn lips
This guy was awesome
The drawing light tables
My capture station with Monkey Jam.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Animation Workshops on the Amazon

Giro Cultural 2009. Em Belém: de 13 a 15 de novembro, na Estação das Docas

Tomorrow I will be giving animation workshops to the public as part of a city cultural event organized by Instituto de Artes do Pará.
I will instruct people in capturing their animations and help with editing. It will be a difficult time to communicate in Portuguese! But luckily animation is universal language, and I will surely be expressive with the hand gestures. The workshops will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the DOCKS. A cultural complex located directly on the Amazon River. There will be many events, theatre, dance, music, and exhibitions featured all weekend.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Studio Spaces in Belem

[test proofs - woodcut collage] Allison Moore, 2009
I have been working at two studios, one at IAP (Art Institute of Para) and another print studio that I share with local artist Armando Sobral. Here are a few images of the studios and my first works in wood cut printing.
Print Studio
Print Studio

belem photo journal-street vendors

New photos from last week in Belem, Brasil.
This series is a portrait of street vendors.
All photos taken by Allison Moore, 2009
Street Aquarium, Allison Moore 2009
ViVo coco, Allison Moore 2009
Popcorn Man, Allison Moore 2009
COCO 1.00, , Allison Moore 2009
Fruit Stand, , Allison Moore 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Amazon fruit loops

I went to ver-o-peso and found the weirdest looking exotic fruits I could find from a lady, who seemed very happy. I made some pixelation tests with the fruits to explore some animation ideas in the hotel. Unfortunately I did not get to try any of the fruits before they spoiled.
[I also used my paper monster again]

Sunday, November 8, 2009


A popular character in Brazilian mythology is Curupira. His feet are turned backwards. Due to this particularity, he manages to confuse his pursuers. One of his favorite pranks is to make people follow his footprints to nowhere. Curupira is the protector of animals and plants and will punish any hunter who hunts for fun as well as any logger who cuts a tree without a good reason for doing so. He is strong and powerful and likes to mislead hunters or loggers by whistling into their ears and giving them false directional signals. This is a photo of a sculpture of the CURUPIRA found at the Botanical zoo in Belem.
I have made a woodcut based on this myth, and plan to integrate it into my future drawing project.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

walking paper monster

a new animation I did tonight in the Hotel Zoghbi. I want to make a test with drawings cut out in paper, photographed frame by frame, to see if I should continue an idea...I am pleased with the result! (and yes, that's my shoe...)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

contos e mitos amazon

onça sagrado [allison moore 2009]
Civil Salvador [Allison Moore 2009]

Tau Tau [Allison Moore 2009]
Jurupary [allison moore 2009]

I have been here is Belem for 2 weeks now, and I am starting to get a feel for the city. I have been researching the plentiful abundance of myths and legends from the Amazon region. The history is immense. And I find my head being spun around the fascinating fusion of local indigenous mythology, african folklore and Catholicism. A few of the tales I have enjoyed include Tau tau, Jurupary, Curupira, Saci-Pererê, Caipora, Athayde, and Juruti. (to name a few) I have started a few drawings based on my readings. Moslty small watercolors, but I also have done a couple wood cuts. Yesterday I went down to Ver-o-peso again, and explored more extensively the exotic collections of goods. A popular to selling item are coconut shells polished and painted black to serve Tacaca soup in. Some of these bowls are engraved with traditional motifs. I decided to buy a few *blank ones, and engrave my own drawings on them....images to come later.